Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs come in many shapes and sizes. The labrador retriever tends to be a popular breed, but any breed will do so long as the temperament of the dog is calm and kind. There are many different uses for a therapy dog.


Many children suffer from various types of psychological problems or from an abusive past. Many of these children fail to connect socially or emotionally with other people without significant amounts of counseling and time.

But they bond and open up much more readily to dogs or cats. These therapy dogs are invaluable in helping doctors reach children that have some sort of psychological trauma.

The dog’s calm, non-threatening presence allows children to remain calm and connect to another creature that doesn’t want anything from them except love.


Adults can suffer from psychological disorders as well. Many adults also suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Many military members come back from war too traumatized to properly re-integrate into society without significant therapy and counseling. Like the children, these adults have trouble connecting with other human beings.

The dog wants nothing except love and company. This pure and openness gives people a safe way to connect to another creature, a small step on the road to recovery. Therapy dogs can shorten the recovery time for an adult dramatically.


Being in a nursing home or a hospital for a long time is no fun. But there are several organizations that have formed to bring therapy dogs to nursing homes and hospitals where they visit with older people.

Many of these people had dogs or pets throughout their life, and now because they live in a nursing home or hospital, they are unable to keep pets.

These therapy dogs are very helpful and a welcome visit every time they arrive. Therapy dogs can bring a smile to everyone, brightening their day.