Never Kill the Dog in a Movie

It’s well known among movie goers- YOU DON’T KILL THE DOG! When film makers use this tactic to develop drama, it usually is received poorly by audiences. Most people can’t stand to see an animal be killed. Here are a few examples of movie makers killing the hear to their films.

Old Yeller

Everyone knows the story of Old Yeller! And everyone knows the worst part of the movie (spoiler alert) is when they kill Old Yeller! This dog saved his buddy from wild hogs and defends the family from a wolf attack.

During the fight, Old Yeller is bitten and contracts rabies. Once the dog becomes aggressive, his owner-friend is forced to kill him. It ruins the movie!!!!

Turner and Hooch

Scott Turner was an obsessively neat police officer. In the course of an inestigation, Turner gets paired with Hooch. Hooch is a drooling, ill mannered doggie sidekick. Turner and Hooch work together to solve a murder.

Spoiler alert! At the end of the movie, the bad guy shoots Hooch, and although Hooch’s sacrifice saves turner, it absolutely ruins the movie! The audience falls in love with this lovable, insanely destructive dog, and the writers killed him in the end.

I am Legend

This is a modern take on the post-apocalyptic future of Planet Earth. The main character, Robert Neville, lives by himself in New York City.

Alone except for the company of his dog, Sam. An infection has caused some people to turn into zombie like mutants. If they bite you, you become infected.

Sam is bitten by a zombie guy during a fight, and although Neville has been trying to develop an anti-serum, it doesn’t work, and he is forced to strangle his beloved dog when she attacks him. Again, the movie is ruined by killing the dog.

Getting an audience to fall in love with an animal and then ripping that animal away is cold hearted, and audiences tend to not react well.