Dalmatian Dog Breed Info


Origins of this Dog

The Dalmatian originated in Croatia in a region formerly known as Dalmatia, which is how they got their name. Their original purpose was as a carriage dog. They would run along beside or underneath the carriages. When the carriage stopped, the Dalmatian’s job was to keep the horses from leaving. This skill is what led to their use on fire carriages. Firemen would have a Dalmatian with them so that when they got to the fires, the dog would take care of the horses while the men went to fight the fire. In addition to being a carriage dog, they were also used as a guard dog. Even to this day, the Dalmatian has an instinct for guarding. The Dalmatian is immediately identifiable by their white coat with either black or brown spots. When born, a Dalmatian has no spots! Their coat is completely white. As they start to grown and age, their spots appear.


The Dalmatian has a lot of energy. This is what allowed them to keep up with horse drawn carriages. Due to this breeds history as a guard dog, they do best when socialized early to other dogs, other animals, and people. Without early socialization, Dalmatians can become over protective of their owners or families, being very unfriendly to strangers. They tend to weigh between 40-60 pounds, and they shed their short coat year round, so bring a brush.

Best lifestyle for the breed

Because of the breeds high actively level, they tend to get bored and become destructive very quickly. The Dalmatian also does not like to spend long periods of time alone. Due to these qualities, they do best in a situation where they will be included in all the family activities and not segregated and left alone. Their high energy also makes them a poor choice for a family with small children as they can run a kid down without even slowing down. To do make great activity companions, enjoying running, hiking, or bike riding.