Beagles are originally from England. They are a scent hound, primarily used small game like hares. Beagles weigh between twenty to twenty five pounds. They have a great senses of smell and are frequently used as detection dogs for immigration locating foreign agricultural food substances. Two types of Beagles were developed for the modern beagle: the rough coated and the smooth coated. Only the smooth coated variety survives today. Beagles have one of the best senses of smell of all dog breeds. In one study, a mouse has put in a one acre field. The Beagle found it within one minute. It took a Fox Terrier fifteen minutes, and the Scottish Terrier never found the mouse. Beagles are better able to follow scent on the ground then they are in the air.


Generally Beagles are even tempered and kind. They are not particularly aggressive or timid. Beagles enjoy company, and though they may be initially unsure with strangers, they quickly become friendly. This makes them very poor guard dogs. Beagles are intelligent, but because of their tracking history, Beagles are single minded and will follow a scent until they find the source no matter how far it takes them. They are great with children, but are prone to separation anxiety. They are generally brown and black with patches of white. Some are just brown with white.


Beagles do not demand a lot of exercise, but they have excellent stamina so they do not tire very easily with exercise. Beagles make great family dogs, but do not do well when left alone. They can be very destructive or work very hard to escape. Beagles are known to be great escape artists. There are many videos online of Beagles scaling impossible fences, wedging themselves between trees to scoot their way to the top of a fence.